Chief Instructor Mark Warner began his Chinese Martial Arts career in 1974. In 1979 he was fortunate to begin his training with Grand Master Johnny Kwong Ming Lee in the Mizong Luohan (My Jhong Law Horn) style. Marks teaching career began in 1982 at Barksdale Air force base teaching Master Lee's satellite class. He began the study of Wu style Tai Chi Chuan in 1985. Mark migrated to Atlanta in 1986 and founded the Lost Track Kung Fu school in 1987 and has been teaching in the Atlanta area since. He continues his studies with both Grand Master Lee and Grand Master C.H.Marr to this day.  Now an 8th degree black belt member of World Organization of Kung Fu and Wu Shu Masters of Hong Kong, he continues the tradition of teaching both beginners and experienced martial artists of all ages.

A father of three he works as an Engineer for one of the largest HVAC equipment manufacturers in North America and holds a Private Pilots license.

Instructor Lori Rowe began her studies of Wu Style Taijiquan in 1993 under Master Glenn Guerin at Lees White Leopard Kung Fu and Tai Chi school in Louisianna. In 2001 she relocated to the Atlanta area to continue her scientific research at Emory University and the C.D.C. where she is a PhD of Biochemistry. Now a 2nd degree Black Belt in Wu Style Tai Chi she teaches and continues her studies with M. Guerin and Grandmaster Johnny Lee.


Asst. Instructor William Waggener A native of Atlanta and passionate student of MJLH lives with his wife and son in Decatur. Will is an AAU National Champion.

Asst. Instructor Mali Harrell A native of Georgia, Mali received a BA in Education from Georgia State University. A dancer from age 5, Mali began practicing Wu style Tai Chi in 2000 under the instruction of Master Mark Warner and subsequently with Sifu Lori Rowe, and has been teaching in Atlanta since 2008.  She has competed and won in many Chinese Martial arts Tournaments and was the 2010 Women’s National Champion in Wu Style Tai Chi Forms in the ICMAC Circuit.

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