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Lost Track Kung Fu School was established in the Atlanta area in 1986 to continue the teachings of the great art of Mizong Luohan (My Jhong Law Horn) Kung Fu. Its ongoing mission is to provide traditional training in a friendly  enriching environment and to preserve the art of My Jhong Law Horn Kung Fu.

People of all ages have discovered the rich experience of practicing the art. Group classes provide traditional instruction catered to skill development and fun in the Chinese Martial Arts. Classes include stretching, exercise drills, forms, weapons practice and all types of sparring and applications for a deep exploration of oneself and the art.

In addition, instruction in the Wu Style Taijiquan is offered including forms, weapons, push hands and applications practice.

To learn more about Mizong Luohan ( My Jhong Law Horn) or Wu Style Taijiquan click on the links above.


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