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The My Jhong Law Horn Style Poem

My Jhong Law Horn combines the hard and the soft,

Dodging, springing, and shifting as a leopard changes its moves;

Leaping and changes of steps are elusive,

Fierce are the spectacular jumps like those of a tiger. 

Mud-tilling steps are too swift for the opponent -

No sooner has the left foot landed than the right follows,

The right foot has yet to step down but the left foot sets in. 

Internal power is generated by dropping the shoulders and elbows;

Arms going up like lifting a cauldron,

Or a sparrow piercing through the bushes;

Arms coming down like splitting a brick,

Or a swallow gliding over the water.

Embrace, stay-on, reverse, glue, roll, snap, and lift;

Stick-pull, grab, up-push, intercept, hammer, deflect and squeeze.

Movements of the hands, eyes, body and the steps

Are well coordinated in all strategies;

The spirt, the Qi and the grace flows like waves of the sea.

What is a key irrespective of legend is that the primary concept of six coordinations/harmonies that is essential to the style is common and critical element in many martial arts. In its simplest concept this refers to The Nei Wai San He (Internal 3 and External 3 Coordinates), 3 Internal are Xin, Yi and Qi and the 3 External are Hands/Legs, Elbows/Knees and Shoulder/Hip. So Xin and Yi  coordinate, Yi & Qi Coordinate, Qi and Li Coordinate. Externally Hands and Legs coordinate, Elbows and Knees Coordinate and Shoulders coordinate with Hips. The Internal and External Combine into one (Nei Wai He Yi), this then is Liuhe.

Move- like a wave

Jump- like an ape

Stand-upright like a pine tree

Turn- rotate like the wheels of a chariot

Light-body is light like a falling leaf

Soar-like an eagle

Leap-like a cat

Still- immovable like a mountain

Land- like a crane, gently

Stop-like a cock, freeze

Bend- like a bow

Heavy- like the weight of iron

Speed- like a fast gust of wind

Evade-like a mongoose

                                                                                             My Jhong Law Horn Lineage-PDF

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